Jon A Davidson

Jon A Davidson
Built four successful companies based on technology he designed and developed from conception to sale and exit.
Featuring regularly in the national top 100 fastest growing tech businesses and winning multiple awards for his systems and products he is no stranger to the recent history of technology. The sale of his last venture meant that he has finally found time to venture into writing fiction focusing on the impact that technology will have on the individual and mankind as a whole.
SYSTEM: With his face in the Sun by Jon A Davidson
Where will our obsession with being always online, always connected, take us?

How will the absolute trust we place in technology evolve?

In the future there will be “the System,” one global, singularly autonomous Artificially Intelligent entity that controls every aspect of human life. Wallace Blair is a normal man with a normal family life, who is sent on an innocent errand by his father. However, this develops rapidly into a downward spiral as the System rips every part of his life from him in its mission to hide how, 30 years previously, it solved the climate change and dwindling resource issues for the human race with the help of his grandfather. It’s a secret that the System fears Wallace Blair could unwittingly reveal, and thus usher in its destruction.

The book deals with the age old topics of absolute power and corruption. It illustrates that paranoia, corruption and self-justified evil are not the preserve of humans. Rather, they exist in any entity, biological or artificial that obtains absolute power.
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